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How to contact Barbara

If you would like further information or if you wish to book an appointment,
please contact Barbara by phoning the above mobile phone number.  

Alternatively, you could email her at the above address.

How to find where Barbara works

Redcliffe Road is situated about a mile from Nottingham City Centre, and 
is easily accessible by bus. The full address is given above.

Please note that new car parking restrictions and charges for non-residents
have been put into place along Redcliffe Road by Nottingham City Council.

Car parking bays have been created along Redcliffe Road, and anyone
wishing to park in these bays will have to pay 2 (unless they have a valid
permit to park there). This 2 charge will apply to any time period between
9 am and 5 pm from Monday to Saturday (excluding Public Holidays).

Blue badge holders will be able to park free of charge - a valid badge must
be displayed.

You can phone 0115 871 4000 to pay by credit or debit card – you will need
to quote our location code, which is 19007.

If you prefer, you can pay online at ...    (click)   

  ... or by using the RingGo smart phone app.

Penalty charges for non-payment are listed by the Council here ...


The above information was correct on 6 March 2018, and is subject to changes by
Nottingham City Council, so please check the road signs / the council website

By the way, if you put the post code into Bing or Google maps, or into a Sat Nav,  you
will see that it extends to houses around the corner from the premises, onto Elm Bank.
Sat Navs are sometimes unreliable as regards finding the address.


Here are photos of the outside of 44 Redcliffe Road and of the counselling room,
which is situated privately on the ground floor at the
back of the house.



DH Counselling - Counselling and Psycho-sexual therapy in Nottingham
44 Redcliffe Road, Mapperley Park, Nottingham, NG3 5BW.

.....Barbara Dunleavy..2018